16 Pieces of Equipment Truckers Must Have on the Road

Every industry has its specific set of tools and equipments. For specific operations, specific and accurate tools are necessary. Trucking industry works efficiently due to smooth functioning of trucks. A truck is not just necessary for carrying the cargo, but also necessary to keep the economy moving.

Wear and tear are unavoidable in any functional machine. Truck is a machine. It can sometimes outperform its capacity, and sometimes it can breakdown even under the best circumstances. It is difficult to estimate any machine’s stress-taking ability even in a stable environment. If you consider the real world environment in which a truck actually operates, you’ll find that the environment is so stressful that it’s sensible to expect failures and breakdowns every now and then.

Preparedness is the key to solving all on-the-road trucking issues. Equipments can be life savers on the road. In the case of any unexpected problems, resources at hand help like a miraculous blessing. A trucker’s Equipment-Kit includes all the essentials that his/her truck will need to perform well on the road. There are a few equipments that every truck and trucker needs in order to ensure smooth travel on the road.

Of course, every driver is a different person and will have a different set of requirements when driving. But there are a few basic tools and equipments that are essential for all truck drivers.

Let’s look at the top 16 equipments on our list..

1. Work Gloves

Though there are innumerable options in the market, having a set of good work gloves that are comfortable and durable is a must. A trucker often needs to get his hands around the wrench. Cheap Walmart gloves can maybe last you a week, but they are not at all suitable for a trucker. Work gloves that are well insulated and have padding for the palm as well as back of the hand are much suitable for a trucker. Reflective gloves are the best when working at night as they ensure better visibility. In any good pair of work gloves, flexibility is never compromised at the cost of durability.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge and Tire Tread Depth Gauge

The Pressure gauge is a low-cost tool that is extremely useful for all drivers – it helps in checking the pressure in tires. The tread depth gauge allows the driver to see when the tires are getting too worn out. These two are extremely helpful tools as they help in preventing accidents due to problems in the tires.

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3. Expanding File Folder

This helps you keep all your paperwork in an organized manner, while also ensuring that the documents are safe and secure. It also saves precious minutes when you need to show the receipts, contracts, licenses and other documents.

4. First Aid Kit

This is a mandatory equipment for all trucks. Of course, if you are working for a company, you might be provided a small very basic first aid kit. But, It is very important to have a fully stocked first aid kit – which you must check on a regular basis to throw out and restock the expired contents.

5. Emergency Kit

Similar to the first aid kit, this is another mandate. A good emergency kit has batteries, flashlights, pliers, fuses, knife, canned food, jumper cables, duct tape, bottled water, flares, gloves, socks, a hat, tarp, a window de-icer and tin snips. As the name says – it needs to have all the things you think you will need in an emergency.

6. An up-to-date Road Atlas

In the world of GPS, one can easily laugh and ignore an atlas. But we can’t rely on technology can fail and batteries that might go out of charge. Especially when there is an atlas specially made for truck drivers – Randy McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas, one must keep it close on the road.

7. The Small Hand tool kit

A tool kit having all the essential tools – screwdrivers, tape measure, metric and standard sockets, utility knife etc. It is also good to have some extra windshield washer fluid and engine oil in cases of emergency.

8. Large Water Jug dispenser

With online retailers like Amazon, these jugs are easy to buy and worth every penny. These large jugs can store up to 3-5 gallons of water and save you (and planet earth) from the dozen small water bottles that you might have to carry around.

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9. Hand-held Vacuum

They don’t use up space like regular vacuums, but they help keep your truck clean. The importance of a hand-held vacuum is only realized when one spends a long time on the road.

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10. Portable Electric Skillet

This doesn’t come cheap but it is useful in the long run because you don’t want to eat fast food on a daily basis. With a slow cooker or an electric skillet, you can make a hot meal for yourself inside your truck’s cabin.

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11. Road Flares, DOT Reflective triangles and Cones

In case of any emergency – you need flares (which you can keep in your emergency kit), DOT reflective triangles and cones. You will be glad you have them when the situation arises.

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12. Rechargeable Headlamp

If your truck breaks down during a storm or torrential rain, you will be grateful for the headlamp, because you can work with both hands – as opposed to a flashlight.

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13. High Visibility Safety Vest

This is a smart choice if you need to be working on your truck at night. Not only does it alert other vehicles that you are on the road, it also helps a good samaritan notice, stop and help you.

14. Healthy Snacks

While every driver keeps snacks in his vehicle, truckers need to keep healthy ones – fruit, jerky, whole grain crackers, nuts, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds etc. Healthy food choices can be difficult to make due to bad eating habits, but they can have a huge effect on a trucker’s health. These snacks reduce the urge to binge on fast food and ensure that you snack responsibly.

15. Clothing based on where you are going

If it is winter, you might be stranded due to snow and it is good to have a sleeping bag, winter clothes and even thermal underwear. Irrespective of weather, having work boots and an extra pair of footwear in your truck is a good practice.

16. Zip Ties and Bungee Cords

Pack some zip ties and bungee cords to hold down stuff when you drive, because things tend to bounce around in trucks.

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